Ikebana is the art of arranging flowers. In Japanese "ike" means to arrange and "bana" comes from the word "hana" meaning flower. In Ikebana the flowers and branches are arranged so that they appear in a beautiful, simple, and natural way.

You will need 3 lengths of floral material:

  1. Stem one – 1 ½ times width or length of dish
  2. Stem two – ¾ length of stem one
  3. Stem three – ¾ length of stem two

Three easy steps:

  1. Place stem one at 11 o’clock and lean it 10 to 30 degrees toward your left shoulder
  2. Place stem two at 8 o’clock and lean it 45 degrees toward your left shoulder
  3. Place stem three at 4 o’clock and lean it 75 degrees toward your right shoulder


Special thanks to Danielle Jones for some of these beautiful pictures and arrangements!

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